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Queensland National Parks Restricted Access Area authority portal

As part of the Queensland Government’s ongoing response to COVID-19, closed national parks, forests and recreation areas have been progressively reopening in line with the Government’s three-stage roadmap to easing restrictions. A Restricted Access Area has been declared within the Bribie Island and Cooloola Recreation Areas to manage the safety of visitors and the community during the COVID-19 health emergency. A person must not enter or remain in the restricted access area unless they hold both a COVID-19 Restricted Access Area Authority and a valid Vehicle Access Permit.

In the interests of meeting social distancing requirements, the number of COVID-19 Restricted Access Area Authorities that can booked on any day to allow entry into both Bribie Island and Cooloola Recreation Areas is currently capped. Therefore, it is not guaranteed that you will be able to book one of these Authorities for the day or days on which you would like to visit. If unsuccessful with booking, you may wish to try for another time period. You can book your COVID-19 Restricted Access Area Authority here and then purchase your Vehicle Access Permit from the National Parks Booking Service.

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